The Malware Hunter Blog

Our most precious blog where we share some of our battles. This resources is public and open for everyone and in here you will find some really interesting articles about malware, botnets and the bad guys.


MalwareZoo (MZ or ‘the Zoo’) is a project developed by Manu Quintans, Ruben Espadas and Andriy Brukhovetskyy for the community.

In the same manner that your local Zoo collects and classifies a number of different animal species, MalwareZoo does it for the different malicious software ‘species’ seen on the wild. It does so by crawling different sources and classifying any sample found. These samples and the analysis outcome is then made available to the members of the community.

Its unique capabilities such as crawling, storage and pre-analysis make it different from any of the other open source and/or commercial solutions.

Linux Sandbox

Linux Sandbox is a Cuckoo-based sandboxing system specifically crafted and tuned for linux malware samples analysis. This sandbox currently supports the following architectures:

  • ARM
  • MIPS
  • PPC
  • x32
  • x64

Toaster Tracker

We leverage the output from our Linux Sandbox and forward it to Toaster. Toaster is a Command and Control (C&C) server tracker that keeps us up to date on the movements from the malicious actors.